Male Carers pilot new group at Café Brew Hut

Slough Carers Support recognise that there is a need for a Male Carers group in Slough. This week we piloted a taster session facilitated by Patrick Manning, former lead for Men’s Matters, at the Britwell Community Café, run by Mustaqbill … Read More

Carers Visit to Windsor Castle

Slough Carers Support, as part of our Thriving Communities Project and courtesy of The Royal Collection Trust, treated 50 unpaid carers to a trip to Windsor Castle on Valentine’s Day. Everyone was delighted to see the royal gallery and treasures. … Read More

Carers delight in community singing session

Wonderful feedback from participants Arif Sabir’s singing session.  “I enjoyed the mood of all the singers, the audience, the beautiful chilled out café atmosphere and the fact that all the songs are so different – the different cultures. Everybody was enjoying themselves. … Read More

Carers enjoy Henna painting at Café Brew Hut

Last week saw the first of the Thriving Communities Project session. Local residents, including carers, visited Café Brew Hut, Britwell, on Wednesday to enjoy a morning of henna painting, coffee and chat. Members of the Recycled Teenagers Group who also … Read More