Male Carers pilot new group at Café Brew Hut

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Slough Carers Support recognise that there is a need for a Male Carers group in Slough. This week we piloted a taster session facilitated by Patrick Manning, former lead for Men’s Matters, at the Britwell Community Café, run by Mustaqbill Foundation, which provided a relaxed environment for carers away from the stresses of their everyday lives.

Today, after just one session, the group members became familiar and comfortable with each other; differing needs and personalities emerged. All members wanted information and advice on carer, financial and welfare issues, and services.
One Carer commented: “I care for my wife who suffers with dementia. It is quite stressful and when my daughter informed me of this session happening today, I also had thoughts as many of the other male carers should I or should I not go, but everyone made me feel so welcomed, relaxed and listened to my heartache story today. I felt that I could easily offload a burden because at home I cannot talk to anyone, my wife has dementia so half the time she will forget what you said or told her, it’s hard, it’s emotional and lonely. I don’t always get time for myself when caring for someone 24/7; these types of groups help me express myself and talk to others outside of the family. Thank you for inviting me today.”
The group was featured on ITV news on Wednesday 16 February by Joel Hills who was reporting on Café Brew Hut providing affordable hot meals to the local community during the toughest times of our lives, with inflation at its highest in 30 years.
If you’re a male unpaid carer and want to join in more groups and sessions like this, then please do get in touch, call Slough Carers Support on 01753 303428 8am to 4pm, Monday-Friday.