Health services provided in the community

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Health services provided in the community are known as primary health care services. These includes your local surgery, GP, nurses, community matrons, community pharmacies and services such as community mental health and Public Health. Carer Aware The most important first … Read More

Understanding Health and Care Services

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If you care for someone they and you will have both health and care needs. Health needs are medical needs and they are paid for, and supported, by the National Health Service. These are free for UK and EU citizens. … Read More

Health and Relationships

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Most carers do not think about their own needs. Whether you are a young carer or an adult carer, caring for someone for a few hours a week or 24 hours a day, you will notice changes in your life. … Read More

Carers Charter

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Carers Charter SPACE associates value the vital work done by carers and are committed to supporting them. The Carers Charter provides principles on the way organisations will interact with Carers. What carers can expect from us: Early identification of their … Read More

Accessing Respite Care and Sitting Services

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Carers are ordinary people doing something extraordinary. Every day they put aside their own lives to help someone unable to manage on their own, whether it’s their parent, partner, child, grandparent or even a close friend or neighbour. The pressure … Read More

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