Exercise and Fitness

Exercising is vital to staying healthy and looking after your body. It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke,diabetes and cancer by up to 50%, and lower your risk of early death by up to … Read More

Monitoring your health, mood and diet

Between a third and half of carers we see at Berkshire Carers Service have either a personal disability or a long-term condition. When carers are struggling with their own health needs, caring can become both challenging and a risk. For older … Read More

Complementary therapies and pampering?

One of the most popular requests from carers using our carers’ grants schemes is to have a therapy or pampering session locally. Whether your choice is to have an Indian head massage, learn Alexander technique, experience acupuncture, Reiki or a … Read More

Counselling and emotional support

You can discuss a referral for counselling with your GP or you may choose to find a counsellor yourself. When looking for a counsellor you should check they are registered with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy and qualified … Read More

Looking after your mental and emotional health

Many carers experience emotional and mental health changes. Most don’t feel able to discuss this because they are caring for someone in the family. And, whilst many carers have high emotional resilience, others find caring constantly challenging. This can be … Read More

Looking after yourself

Berkshire Carers Service’s top tips How many times have you put off going to the doctor for yourself but always found a way to make sure the person you care for gets to their GP or hospital appointment? In a … Read More

Health services provided in the community

Health services provided in the community are known as primary health care services. These includes your local surgery, GP, nurses, community matrons, community pharmacies and services such as community mental health and Public Health. Carer Aware The most important first … Read More

Understanding Health Services Provided by Hospitals

This means health services provided by hospitals are known as secondary health care services. They are also often referred to as acute care. If the person for whom you provide care is admitted to hospital it is very important that … Read More

Understanding Health and Care Services

If you care for someone they and you will have both health and care needs. Health needs are medical needs and they are paid for, and supported, by the National Health Service. These are free for UK and EU citizens. … Read More

Why it’s important to tell your GP you’re a carer

Berkshire’s Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are encouraging carers to let their GP practice know so that they can offer additional support and advice. There are 11, 000 carers in Slough – and the number is set to rise as the … Read More

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