Complementary therapies and pampering?

posted in: Finance, Health

One of the most popular requests from carers using our carers’ grants schemes is to have a therapy or pampering session locally.

Whether your choice is to have an Indian head massage, learn Alexander technique, experience acupuncture, Reiki or a full-facial, these sessions give carers vital down-time from caring roles and a chance to re-charge batteries.

For carers who are eligible for a personal budget from their local authority it may be possible to apply to use the budget for an approved therapy session.

Carers need to demonstrate how the session will reduce the impact caring is having on their health and wellbeing.

Your completed carer’s assessment must also have shown that caring is having a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.

Other carers may decide to self-fund a therapy or pampering session or may find that existing private health insurance will cover a series of sessions of approved therapies such as osteopathy or acupuncture.

We recommend anyone choosing a complementary therapist checks whether or not they are qualified and are licensed with an approved body such as the British Acupuncture Council, General College of Osteopathy or Health Professionals’ Council before booking an appointment. While complementary therapists are not recognized as medically-qualified practitioners colleges such as the Faculty of Homeopathy represent practitioners who are both qualified doctors and complementary therapists.