Slough Young Carers thank NHS staff during Carers Week

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During Carers Week, Slough Young Carers have taken over social media with a Q and A with Bilal Baig, physiotherapist, to help ensure the young carers live healthier lives.

Young carers make an incredible contribution both to their own families and our communities. Slough Young Carers aims to enhance the lives of young carers outside of caring, ensuring they reach their full potential as well as looking after their physical and mental health.

On Wednesday, Aik Saath’s young volunteers met up on Zoom to bake for frontline NHS workers. A week earlier, thirty of them prepared for the baking session by passing their Level 2 Award in Food Hygiene and Handling, on-line.

Rob Deeks, CEO, Aik Saath said, “During lockdown we have delivered a broad range of activities for young carers, mostly using Zoom. The number of young carers accessing our services has risen quite dramatically. We hope that more young carers come to know of our services due to our awareness-raising activities this week.”

If you’re a young carer (a person under 18 who looks after the care of any family member who is physically or mentally ill, frail, elderly, disabled or misuses alcohol or substances) or know a young carer, please encourage them to reach out for support via