Concessionary bus pass hours to be expanded

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The hours concessionary bus passes can be used has been increased to help holders during the corona virus public health emergency.

The passes can now be used before 9.30am so holders can access supermarkets and services opening in the early morning during a sustained period of social distancing.

From tomorrow 20 March 2020 and for a period of three months, Slough concessionary bus pass holders will be able to use public transport for free 24 hours a day.

The move is just one which the council is putting in place to assist residents, some being the most vulnerable, as the Government asks people who are not showing any tell tale signs of Covid-19 to reduce the amount of time in public.  In addition, people aged over 70, or those with underlying health conditions are being told to avoid public situations as much as possible.

Josie Wragg, Chief Executive, said an adjustment to the bus pass scheme to allow use before 9.30am would benefit residents in the borough.

She said: “For the next three months during a time when we are being advised this deadly virus will peak, people with bus passes will be able to access public transport without limitation.

“Supermarkets and other shops are offering exclusive times when groups who are more vulnerable, and who have been told that social isolation will be beneficial, can shop without coming in contact with the general population.

“We are supporting these measures by providing the means of transport to get to these locations.”