Carers Credit – Are You Eligible

Carer’s Credit is designed for those who are caring for others for 20 hours per week or more and do not qualify for Carer’s Allowance.

If you’re not working full time, these credits can fill in the gaps in your National Insurance record – helping to contribute to the amount of State Pension you will receive.

Signing up for Carer’s Credit for a year means you could receive over £200 extra in State Pension when you retire.

Currently only 11,000 people have signed up for the credit, which contributes to their National Insurance record, yet around 200,000 are thought to be eligible.

The credit helps carers to continue to build the amount of State Pension they will receive – so they can protect their future State Pension , while carrying out their caring responsibilities.

It is straightforward to apply and doesn’t cost anything.

There is nothing to lose by signing up and money to gain for the future.

You can get the form by contacting the Carer’s Allowance Unit on 0345 608 4321 (Monday – Thursday , 8.30am – 5pm). Alternatively you can download a copy online by going to:

This form includes a Care Certificate

Ask a health or social care professional to sign it for you

Where to send your form……. Carer’s Allowance Unit Mail Handling Site A Wolverhampton WV98 2AB