Autism Friendly Film Screening – Rio

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Friday 31st May
The Curve
Single price ticket: £2.00

The Curve has now programmed in an Autism Friendly Film Screening once a month up until October. They would love your continued help in letting our residents (and specifically parents and carers who will benefit most!) know about this new strand to our programme as they hope which is now a regular fixture at The Curve.

The screenings are open to anyone and everyone with small adjustments including:

  • A relaxed environment where people understand the needs of children and families with autism
  • Lights left on low
  • Sound turned down
  • No trailers or advertisements (unless they are embedded in the film)
  • Staff trained in autism awareness
  • Disabled access
  • Chill out zone, where available
  • Freedom to move around and sit where you like
  • Bring your own food and drink
  • Freedom to move in and out of the venue as required

They’re also looking to develop a parent/carers advisory group to help them with programming accessible theatre/events across Slough Libraries and Culture and would love for anyone interested in being part of that group to drop an email to

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